The Quality Policy of our Company is oriented to production, sale and installation of aluminium and glass metalwork elements, as well as steel substructure elements, fire-rated doors and partitions, all of which comply with our customers’ requirements and have been manufactured in line with current regulations in force. All our activities focus on building long-lasting relationships with Polish and foreign customers, which are based on mutual trust.

Global Scale of Operation

You can find us everywhere, wherever there are our customers. We support them at each stage of implementation thus increasing our innovation and creativity in pursuing fulfilment of investors’ needs. We understand business and technological needs of our customers, and ensure quick implementation of solutions and products being created. We have gained an extremely valuable experience by completing projects for the biggest Polish and international brands.

Our main objectives and assumptions of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, which we have introduced, are the following:

  • Good corporate image of our company is developed through improving our operations so that to become a reliable business partner.
  • Constant improving of our staff’s qualifications thanks to a broad variety of training courses.
  • Our customers’ satisfaction, which we try to achieve through making an effort to cater for their expectations and needs, as well as through prompt fulfilling of orders, manufacturing and providing products and services of supreme quality.
  • Fabrication of products of high-quality materials is a result of our cooperation with reliable suppliers.
  • Good price, which we are able to offer, is a result of cost optimisation of a well-designed production, effected through implementation of new technologies and modernization of machine stock, as well as minimization of supply costs through handling many years’ negotiations with a large number of business partners.
  • Innovation and development we are striving for by putting emphasis on the expansion of infrastructure and improvement of working conditions, while modernizing the company’s production areas.

Our constant striving after leading position on the market causes that we are ceaselessly working on achieving operational efficiency so that to manufacture our products easier, better, quicker, and cheaper.