• Being aware that each construction project is a unique and unparalleled venture, we guarantee an individual and professional approach to the scope of works that has been entrusted to us. We offer comprehensive designing services to our customers, starting from specialist consultancy through preparation of assumption-based designs, and ending up with working and workshop designs.

  • Our designs are prepared in a way that complies with binding construction law and environment protection regulations, as well as technical conditions and good building practice. Solutions, which we propose, are being optimised at each stage of designing. Main assumptions for us incorporate a very good quality, low costs, and short completion time. We provide our customers with ready solutions, which satisfy their aesthetical and functional expectations, thus achieving a high quality in relation to an attractive price of the product.

  • Having many years’ experience in installing and fabricating facade cladding elements, we can prepare documentation in a precise and clear way. By using professional spatial designing software, we are able to guarantee correctness of working and workshop documentation that we issue. Caring for the best as possible interest of our customers, we prepare our designs based on analysis of manufacturing technology and installation time.

  • Dorota Krężel, Designing Department
    Mob: +48 608 373 290