Aluminium structures

  • Buma Factory is a general contractor for facades. We specialize, first of all, in production and installation of aluminium structures. We cooperate with leading market suppliers of aluminium sections. We also make ventilated facades of composite (Alucobond, Reynobond, Larcore), aluminium, ceramic (NBK Ceramic) and fibre-cement (Equitone) panels).

    Our offer includes the following:

    • windows and doors
    • facades
    • skylights
    • winter gardens
    • fabrication of fire-rated metalwork elements of Aluprof MB-78EI and MB-60EI systems
    • fabrication of smoke-tight structures of Aluprof MB-45D system
    • machining of bespoke aluminium sections according to customer’s documentation
    • machining of bespoke composite panels according to customer’s documentation
    • manufacturing logos based on customers’ documentation
    • engravings made in light materials, such as composite panels and sheet aluminium
  • Buma Factory has a modern machine stock, comprised of the following:

    • 4-axis CNC milling machines (maximum dimensions of machined elements: X = 7270 mm, Y = 275 mm for single-plane milling, and Y = 136.5 mm for two-plane milling at single clamping, Z = 210 mm)
    • 3-axis CNC planer mill (maximum dimensions of machined elements: X = 2100 mm, Y = 4000 mm, Z = 250 mm)
    • 5-axis CNC double-head saws (maximum dimensions of machined elements: X = 6600 mm, Y = 440 mm, Z = 200 mm)

    The application of most modern technologies, which include numerically controlled machines, ensures repeatability and superior precision of manufactured elements. Being a recognized supplier of aluminium and aluminium and glass structural solutions, we are obliged to have modern machines to enable precise, large-scale production. Owing to that, we can meet the established deadlines. We employ a qualified staff; our long-standing experience and first-class workers guarantee that all manufactured elements are of top quality.

  • Łukasz Biela
    Mob: +48 728 885 224