• We have a specialist maintenance department. The main object of its activity is to provide maintenance services concerning aluminium and glass structures. Experience and knowledge of our long-standing employees guarantee professionalism and high quality of services provided by them. The maintenance department staff have the required theoretical and practical knowledge. They have completed special training courses as confirmed by relevant certificates, and hold the required licences to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety rules.

    facility management
  • Following the recommendations of manufacturers of proprietary aluminium metalwork elements, we carry out seasonal and occasional inspections and adjustments of fittings and gearing elements of window structures in buildings. During the inspection our maintenance technicians check window and door elements that are exposed to intense daily operation and to adverse weather conditions.

  • Based on technical documentation of the building, our maintenance technicians will:

    • service and repair facades, metalwork window and door systems
    • replace weather strips or damaged fittings
    • seal, fill in or replace sealing compound
    • replace insulating glass pane sets, even in high-rise office buildings (with the use of mountain climbing techniques)

    In order to fully satisfy our customers’ demands, we can also assist in rectifying errors and defects left by previous contractors. We draft opinions on defects in existing metalwork element systems supplemented with repair recommendations, and prepare metalwork window and door systems to be commissioned by the client’s engineer, and by the investor.

  • Depending on the environment and weather conditions that impact the building, it is necessary to perform regular inspections and adjustments in accordance with warranty requirements (minimum 2 times a year, sometimes 4 times a year, depending on local environment and weather conditions). Additionally, prior to the winter season, it is necessary to properly preserve both fittings, and weather strips. These activities will ensure failure-free and longer period of use of windows and doors. Correct maintenance of those elements will allow avoiding additional costs related to repair or replacement thereof.

  • A whole array of other services that we can provide includes:

    • window cleaning
    • renovation of glazings and facades
    • replacement of glazings and facades
    • custom fabrication of aluminium metalwork elements to private orders

    We provide window cleaning services for big office buildings, smaller buildings, also including private ones. We perform those services using scaffolding systems, cherry pickers, as well as mountain climbing techniques. When making inspections of facilities, we make use of the available equipment: endoscope cameras, infrared cameras, and polygraphs.